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Boudreau Group

Established in 2010, Boudreau Group has been serving all of Canada in many aspects of commercial and residential construction. A one-stop-shop in the construction field, we handle all projects from start to finish.

We are a family-based construction business that has been working in the construction field for over 60 years. Leon Boudreau, started the business and paved the way for his son Tony Boudreau, along with children Lauren and Nick, to ensure we offer viable solutions for all of our clients.

Boudreau Group specializes in both commercial and residential work including general contracting, new builds and renovations, all while working all across Canada, completing projects in Alberta, New Brunswick and many parts of Ontario.

Home renovations are on the rise this summer as many people find a lot of unexpected free time on their hands. If you have been searching for a reputable company to turn your dream home into a reality, look no further. With company goals set as on time delivery and on budget completion, and above all – quality workmanship, Boudreau Group is your answer.

Established in 2010, this family-owned business has been working in the construction field for over 60 years. The founding division of Boudreau Group Inc., Boudreau Construction, was started by Leon Boudreau. Now, the company is owned and operated by his son Tony and his grandchildren, with extended family members also having a role in running the company.

“We are a small family owned and operated business, so you receive a hands-on approach when you hire Boudreau,” explains Lauren Howell, project manager for Boudreau Group. “We self perform most of the work, as we employ a large skilled workforce in house. We can also help you develop and design your space to create exactly what you want.”

Boudreau Group started as a small renovation company around the Essex County area. Located in Harrow, Ont., the company began with home renovations and quickly expanded to new home builds. The company has since grown to include commercial and general contracting work all over Canada while continuing to keep the residential division as an integral part of the company.

“We specialize in renovations, as that has been what we have been doing the longest. We can visualize the space you currently have and change it into your dream space,” says Howell. “We have skilled craftsmen with years of experience that can transform your existing home into something new and beautiful. We not only offer the renovation work, but we can work with you on designing the space from start to finish.”

The family is very involved in every project and they ensure that their top priority is client satisfaction. From the initial consultation, through the design phase, and all during construction, clients are guaranteed a personalized one on one approach. With years of experience in residential and commercial projects, Boudreau Group has both the knowledge and expertise to handle all of their clients’ needs.

With the current owner planning to retire within the next couple of years, his children Nick and Lauren will take over running the day to day operations while upholding the same quality of craftsmanship that Tony and his father Leon brought to the company.

“We hope to expand more into the Windsor market and continue to grow the business while staying true to our roots and keeping it a fully owned and operated family business,” explains Howell. “Along with all the current residential projects on the go, we are always looking for new and challenging projects to add to our portfolio. We are currently working on renovating another building in Harrow to offer more rental opportunities.”

Boudreau Group can complete all of your residential needs, including, but not limited to, foundation, framing, exterior finishes such as siding and roofing, interior finishes such as insulation, drywall, trim and flooring, and outdoor needs such as garages and sheds. They can do stamped, colour and aggregate style concrete to dress up any outdoor space such as sidewalks, driveways, patios and decks, as well as wood decks, fences, and covered patios.

There is no project that Boudreau Group cannot do for your home from small interior renovations to full sized, brand new homes. Visit their website: www.boudreaugroupltd.ca or social media: www.facebook.com/boudreaugroup to schedule a free quote and learn more about how Boudreau Group can help make your home renovation dreams come true.

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